The purpose of this blog is to share all things that I love, things that I am inspired by, and just random moments from everyday life. Enjoy!

As you grow, you have to learn how to appreciate the beauty in life. No matter what it is, it’s just a beautiful thing to experience life, and be inspired by all that comes with it - The good, bad/lessons learned, and even the “ugly.”  But the most important part is to never lose sight of the big picture, and to truly treasure your blessings while trying to progress.

This blog is to share all things that I love… Things that I am inspired by, and just random moments from everyday life.

Hope you enjoy!

♥ Britt Garrison 

Sneak peek photo from a recent shoot with model Katrell Elina and photographer Nicole Hill. Can’t wait to get the pics back!!
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Another sneak peek from my shoot last Sunday.
okay no more! :-p
Model: LaRayia GastonMakeup: Britt Garrison Hair: Sharde P Morris
 Photographer: Angela Marklew 2011
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Latest beauty shot. 
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When you protect the mind, you protect the heart.
— Britt Garrison

I need this Cheetah print North Face.

There are a number of things that I want to work on this year… most are actually things that have been going on for a while now - But, as you know, it is the top of the year, and the perfect time to reflect, and restructure for the next coming months… So here it goes!

  1. Spend even more time with my Family (when I’m home).
  2. Become healthier.
  3. Perfect my craft.
  4. Expand my brand… #BrittGarrison :)
  5. Save. Save. Save!
  6. Network.
  7. Get published work.
  8. More Community Service.
  9. Get better at saying “No.”
  10. Remain humble.

What are your on-going goals for 2012? Let’s keep improving ourselves!! 

- Britt Garrison